Happy New Year

Hello everyone…

2017 has literally just started, so what would be more suitable for the very first lesson of the year than:

Learning how to wish your friends a happy new year and how to talk about resolutions in German! 🙂

Your German level to understand this lesson should be around A2/B1 as I don’t give all the explanations that total beginners would need to follow it. If you are a total beginner and you want to give this lesson a try anyway – go for it & challenge yourself! 😉

How to wish a Happy New Year

So, there is basically 2 versions to wish someone a happy new year in the German llanguage depending on when you want to deliver your good wishes.

1. In the last days before the new year, we Germans tell everyone: “Guten Rutsch!” It literally translates to “Good jump” or “Good slide.” in English, but is used just as the phrase “Happy New Year.” However, “Guten Rutsch” somehow refers to having a great NYE party, so it’s typically not said anymore after the new year has started.

2. Now, that we’re already in the new year (from January 1st on), we can say instead: “(Ich wünsche dir ein) Frohes, neues Jahr!” which is the actual real translation of “(I wish you a) Happy, new year!” 
You can also just briefly say: “Frohes Neues!”. Sounds a bit cooler! 😉 (By the way, this version can already be used before NYE as well

 How to talk about New Year’s Resolutions

In the first few days of the new year, when you meet your family members, friends and acquaintances for the first time since the previous year, they may also ask you: “Was sind denn deine guten Vorsätze für’s neue Jahr?” which translates to “What are your resolutions for the new year?”

You could respond for example using the sentence: “Ich möchte im neuen Jahr …[+inf.]” (“I want to … In the next year.”) … and then add whatever you want to do (using the infinitive verb form), for example:

“Ich möchte im neuen Jahr…

  • mehr reisen.”
    (“I want to travel more in the new year.”)

  • mehr Spass haben.”
    (“I want to have more fun…”)
  • mich [im neuen Jahr] mehr entspannen. “
    (“I want to relax more…”)
  • mehr Sport treiben.”
    (“I want exercise more…”)

Or: “Ich möchte im neuen Jahr Deutsch lernen!” 🙂

Another option is: “Ich habe den Vorsatz, im neuen Jahr / fortan (mehr/besser/weniger) ….. zu [+Inf] …” (“My resolution is to… (more/better/less) in the new year / from now on.”)
For example: “Ich habe den Vorsatz, im neuen Jahr 100 Videos auf Youtube hochzuladen.” (“My resolution is to upload 100 videos on youtube in the new year.”)

Now you know what my resolution for 2017 is! So why not follow my YouTube channel Easy Peasy German? You can only improve your German! 😉

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Aaaaand… also: please let me know in the comments below this blog post – what’s your new year‘s resolutions!?

“Was sind eure guten Vorsätze für’s neue Jahr?”

And if you’re brave enough, you can write it in German!! 😉 

I’m looking forward to reading from you! See you soon for another little German lesson! 🙂

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eure Brina 🙂